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The Taproot is our largest filtration system, built around two 20L water cans and capable of generating 36 liters per day of a dilute sports drink.

To use, simply fill up the designated dirty-water can with any fresh water to be filtered, replace the cap with the attached osmotic filter, and plug one 240ml syrup charge into the syrup port. Then, connect the transfer tube to the cap of the clean collection can. That’s all there is to it … the system will automatically begin pumping clean drink into the collection can at the rate of about 1.8 L per hour.

Due to the high purity, ease of use and reliability, the Taproot is perfect for small groups, emergency readiness, military and SAR teams.

Each Taproot ships with 20 syrup charges, enough to generate 320 liters of drink.

Metal Rejection: Up to 99A%

Output at 20C: ~ 1,800 ml/hr

Capacity: 16L

Package weight:

Product Code:

Weight 752 oz
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 21 in

Single, 3 Pack


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