The Science

All of the FTS water filters are based on a process called Forward Osmosis...

…an industry term for what is simply osmosis – the same process that occurs in nature such as plant roots and the cells in your own body. The process involves water molecules passing through a semi-permeable membrane, a membrane that allows water to pass but blocks most everything else.

In osmosis, water molecules pass through the membrane due to the presence of dissolved solids (such as salts) on the other side of the membrane. Water will tend to continue to pass through until the concentration of dissolved solids is equal on both sides of the membrane. With FTS water filters, a beverage mix similar to a sports drink is used to drive the process. So strictly speaking, FTS water filters do not produce water, but instead a nutrient drink similar to a dilute sports drink.

The main advantage of forward osmosis water filters is that they are very reliable and very pure. High purity levels are a result of the high-rejection membrane with 0.0007 micron pore size. Reliability is a result of not needing hydraulic pressure to drive the system. This results in water filters that don’t clog. Taking these two qualities together, this means that our filters can be used in virtually any water you find.