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The Mariner was developed in conjunction with the US Coast Guard. It’s a single use desalinator that is placed directly in the ocean, tethered to your life raft or other object to keep from floating away. After hydration, the pop-up spout allows for convenient drinking directly from the pouch.

The Mariner can also be used in fresh water, providing a high-purity drink without clogging in even the dirtiest water.

Salt Rejection: >94%

Metal Rejection: Up to 99A%

Hydration Time at 20C:

Hydration Time at 30C:

Volume When Full: 450 ml in salt water, 1,000 ml in fresh water

Individual Filter Dimensions:

Package weight:

Product Code: MD1 (1=pack) MD3 (3-pack)


Single, 3 Pack


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