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The Ranger hydration system provides the ultimate filtration-on-the-move experience, filtering 900ml per hour from virtually any fresh water source. Like all FTS filters, the Ranger is amazingly resistant to clogging and provides the high purity protection of a 0.0007 micron filter.

Design: The Ranger is engineered around a duel-chamber design. The front water chamber has a normal round access port, which is used to fill the system with clean water if available. When filtration is required, fill the system through the roll-top opening and the top of the bladder. This fills the back chamber where the filter is located. Then, simply inject one syrup charge through the puncture-seal fitment and be on your way. The Ranger will start pumping clean drink across to the clean reservoir for drinking within minutes, at the rate of about 0.9L / hr.

The Ranger satisfies your complete hydration needs while on the move – whether you have access to clean water or not.

Metal Rejection: Up to 99A%

Output at 20C: ~ 900 ml/hr

Capacity: 2.5L with filter installed, 3.0L with filter removed

Package weight:

Product Code:

Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 18 × 7 × 7 in

Single, 3 Pack


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